The Noisy Neighbour

Struggling to get a decent nights sleep before work?


Trouble with the Neighbour in the down stairs flat?

Manipulation Ninja Jake returns with this mime, flowerstick and Devilstick act that might just get a bit too loud! Graceful and flowing moves are performed with the best of quiet intentions. Jake’s gliding movement style is sufficiently silent.

But once the beats start playing it’s inevitable that it’ll end up in a noise complaint! A feel good devilstick routine with dance, mime, physical comedy and an up beat final track that will appeal to anyone who’s ever gotten a bit carried away…!

The Noisy Neighbour can be performed on a minimum 3m x 3m stage size with a 2.5m height clearance and has a running time of approximately 9 minutes.

The Wind and The Sun

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The Wind and The Sun