We have a beautiful new website!

It’s been long awaited and I’ve been fairly particular about how I wanted it to be so it is great to see it so wonderfully realised. Watch for regular updates and info on our upcoming shows as well as tour booking info for this autumn/winter and our 2018 summer tour of: The Wind and The Sun!

I’d like to say a huge thanks (bigger even than my old moustache) to everyone who has contributed to Serious Mischief on the journey so far. Particular thanks to:

Natasha Holmes of Tell Tale Hearts and her wonderful family for all the love, support, guidance and co-production. To my family: Ruth, Dec, Tom, Machiko, Max and Jon for being awesome, for the different perspectives and for all the mischief you guys bring.

Also thanks to:

Ami Flexen, Sarah Shead and Ana Gillespie for all things ‘arts adminy’ in past present and future.

The brilliant contributing photograpers and videographers: Joe Clarke, Gavin Joynt, Leora Bermiester and Lucas Sinclair of Farelight Productions, Aaron Davies, Jallen Photography, Brook Wassall and Lili Robins.

The Castle Dwellers in Leeds for coping with my storage solutions for such a long time. Reb and Kat of Odd Doll for artistic input and being good eggs. Uncle Tacko for your wealth of knowledge, support and advice.

Phil Marken and Open Source Arts for the collaboration, laughter, support, laughter and for always having my back.

Eleanor Hooper and Pete Gunson of Pif Paf and Tess Cartwright for being personal inspirations and for being great advisers on the end of a phone or in a climbing centre.

Designers/ illustrators Robina Farnaby, Lowri Allen and Lydia Virgin for their artistic flair.

Jenifer Wren for beautiful initial design, illustration and consultation work.

Angelika Rasmus for the final and stunning website illustration that I love.

Mike and his team at YZ DESIGNS for their professionalism, patience and cracking work on designing my website.

And a finally an extra special thanks both to Lucy for all the miles travelled, shows performed, laughs had and for being my blustery and sunshiny partner in mischief. And to Hobbit for more than words can express, kicking butt as a stage manager and for being my ultimate collaborator in life!

And to everone else along the way so far and still to come:


Thank You!

Now lets bring the mischief…