The Lost Circus

Now where did we leave that Big Top..?


The Ringmasters are lost! They are fairly certain that they left the circus around here somewhere though… Will they find their way?

Who knows, but right now they are here and free to career around the streets spreading mirth and merriment in their wake. Flowerstick, flashes of fire and some occasional bouts of juggling may well distract them along the way…

Can you direct the ringmasters back home? How can we find that which doesn’t seem to be lost? Can you knock a ringmasters hat off in a circus duel? What even is a circus duel when it’s at home? All of these questions and more thoroughly and rigorously un-answered in the Serious Mischief style within ‘The Lost Circus’…

The Lost Circus can be booked as either one or two ringmasters on either bouncing or platform stilts depending on the nature of your event.

The Wind and The Sun

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The Wind and The Sun