The Foolish Ninjas! – Coming soon

Specialists in: Stealth, Surprise and Stupidity!


Two Ninjas and a Ninja Musician take to the streets to complete a range of highly important training missions.

A gentle breeze stirs. Suspense inducing music hangs in the air. Something seems to move just out of the corner of the eye… When you least expect it out leap the Ninja and all hell brakes loose!

The Master Ninja must teach his apprentice how to successfully ‘Ninja’. Armed with feather duster katana (swords) and an uncooperative Ninja accompanist this much revered fighting clan will sneak, tickle, tumble, boogie (whilst no one is looking) and then sneak again until they have completed their Ninja training. Thankfully there will be plenty of bystanders to practice upon!

The Wind and The Sun

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The Wind and The Sun