The Tale Of Captain Grimbeard

Jump aboard for aaaaaarduous pirate puns aplenty!


Originally created for Balby on the sea festival in Doncaster as a collaboration with Micky Bimble. A street show for all the family, the tale of Captain Grimbeard is a swashbuckling tale of piracy on the high seas.

A classic street act the show contains all the elements essential to a great pirate story: giant sea monsters, real swordfights, medium sized bursts of fire, real wooden legs, dastardly mutiny, normal sized eye patches, skulduggery and even a parrot! Throw in an unhealthy dose aaaaaarduous pirate puns, a wobbly balancing pirate barrel and a wobbly balancing pirate plank and we are getting somewhere!

Join Jim the cabin boy as he tells the story of how he defeated the evil pirate Grimbeard and returned the stolen crown jewels. And all this despite the cowardice of his superior officer Admiral Earnest Thrustforth, terrible weather at sea and various things getting unexpectedly thrown at him.

With the magnificent galleon as it’s centrepiece this two hander street show is a pantomime like delight for all the family, incorporating fantastic circus skills, beautifully designed set and magnificent costumes.


  • Originally created for Balby on the sea festival in Doncaster as a collaboration with Micky Bimble. The show requires an 8×8 playing space with a flat surface to allow the movement of the pirate galleon.
  • Available for festivals, street theatre and other outdoor events.
  • Can also be booked along side the Pirate Galleon walkabout show as a static and walkabout show package.
  • The show is approximately 40- 45  minutes long.
  • Please note that we use fire as part of this performance so overhead space must be available.
  • For more information on the show or for up to date risk assessment and Health and safety documentation please feel to contact us.
  • The company provide their own PA system, but require a power source to run the show. Further technical information, including options for off grid shows can be provided upon request.

Director: Micky Bimble and Jake England-Johns
Jim/ Earnest Thrustforth: Micky Bimble
Captain Grimbeard: Jake England-Johns
Costume Design: Dave Ford, Micky Bimble
Design: Micky Bimble, Richard Gillet and Dave Ford
Photography: Lili Robins

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The Wind and The Sun