Jakob J Johnsonson’s Magical Menagerie

Hear tales of peculiar creatures and their unusual habits!


“Roll up! Roll up! And join Jakob J Johnsonson in his world of magic and circus creatures! See the most terrifying animal ever to have scuttled across the planet!

Tamed and ready to perform tricks and circus buffoonery by master of the menagerie: Hear tales of peculiar creatures and their unusual habits! Jackob J Johnsonson, Explorer Extraordinaire returns with in this storytelling and physical comedy family show.

Using hilarious mime and the occasional surprising sound effect Jackob guides the audience through his bizarre and circus filled stories. With some loud noises and fast movements this show is suitable for all but the littlest of humans. They’ll laugh, they’ll jump, they’ll shriek and they’ll also fall quiet and spell bound by the end.

So come and marvel at the magical powers of the explorer illusionist as he demonstrates and unlocks the remarkable power of the human mind! All this and more in: ‘Jakob J Johnsonson’s Magical Menagerie!’


  • Originally created for performance inside Uncle Tacko’s Imaginarium, the Magical Menagerie can be performed in a 3m x 2m intimate space or can occupy a larger stage if required.
  • Available for festivals, street, theatre and other outdoor events if venue provided.
  • Can also be booked along side our circus manipulation workshops as a show and workshop package.
  • The show is approximately 25 minutes long.
  • The company provides it’s own small scale and of grid PA for this show and can provide a full PA for larger shows if a power source is provided.
  • More technical information provided upon request.
The Wind and The Sun

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The Wind and The Sun