Jackob J Johnsonson – Explorer Extraordinaire

Serenity meets stupidity for the mirth and merriment of all!


The bumbling explorer who tells tranquil and meditative tales from his worldly travels and mystifys his audience with dazzling tricks using his magical crystal ball. Unless of course he’s in a particularly silly mood…

In which case he is much more likely to challenge you to some kind of paper laser dual, loose it catastrophically, trip over his hat and enlist your whole family on some kind of madcap, nonsense expedition. Either way fun, frolics and a gentle sense of chaos tends to follow this walkabout show around. Audience participation is also required to help complete the occasional magic trick or to help restrain one of Jackob’s unruly circus stick insect creatures. Let’s hope they don’t attack him too badly this time…

In any case, no event should be complete without small parties of children and adults embarking on unexpected expeditions and trying to catch particularly pesky invisible flies…

Jackob can harass/ entertain your audience alone or as part of a larger expedition of characters with stilt and bouncy stilt versions also available. This show is often booked alongside the static show ‘The Magical Menagerie‘.

The Wind and The Sun

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The Wind and The Sun